About us

Our Story So Far…

The company was founded in 1993 by Dr. Varga Zoltán and his wife as a family enterprise. In 1997 the company become Vám-Zoll Consulting ltd. with unchanged ownership, increased share capital. From the beginnings the company increases its incomes and profits every year.
A kezdetekkor így néztünk kiThe name and the activities of the company are related to the owners’ main expertise, to the customs profession. Our partners are diverse: from the smallest companies to large, multinational clients we would like to service everyone. Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who needs them.
Since 2000 we also offer complex forwarding services. We have expanded our customs advisory services with customs clearances, logistics consulting and transportation services, using our trusted partners. Since 2009 we can offer customs clearances through our own customs agency firm.
We differentiate our forwarding services from the large enterprises with our personalised customer care, flexibility and our rapid data flow about our processes through the internet. We provide our services for only a few but long term partners. In one given industry we usually care for one or two main partners, if needed, we can offer exclusivity as well.

A Vám-Zoll Kft. logója

Starting from the first minutes of our co-operation with our partners we share all the necessary knowledge to enable our customers to legally maximise their returns, minimise their costs or shorten their processes using the benefits of Hungary’s EU membership.
Pergamen Stationery
During the early ’90-s the main activities were customs consulting and organising courses. In 1995 a new business branch started: We have opened the IQ book store in Nagykanizsa as a store specialised in professional and technical books, (customs and taxation, customs tariffs),  maps and travel guides. In 1997 the shop moved downtown and was renamed to Pergamen Stationery store.