(Magyar) Vámügynöki szolgáltatás

Our company group uses only simplified customs clearance procedures with indirect customs representation, with guaranty on VAT payments and in case of meeting the criteria we can offer self-taxation, using procedures 40, 42, 49.

We can also offer insurance for the duties payable upon contract, with our partner’s cooperation.

In case of simplified customs clearance we can offer the services not just in case of  entry for free circulation, but  in case of active processing, temporary import or customs warehousing.

Our client’s goods would be serviced 0-24 in the following Hungarian EU borders:

  • Letenye – Gorican (Croatia)
  • Barcs – Terezino Polje (Croatia)
  • Drávaszabolcs – Donji Mihajlac (Croatia)
  • Tompa – Kelebia (Serbia)
  • Röszke – Horgos (Serbia)
  • Záhony – Csop (Ukraine)
  • Udvar – Dubosevica (Croatia)

In case you are interested, you can download our brochure here: vamzoll2013_short